Trentemøller- Fixion

Trentemøller- Fixion

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Label: In My Room

Released 9/16/16

In My Room presents Fixion, the fourth full-length offering from Anders Trentemøller. With Fixion, Anders has crafted a logical successor to 2013's Lost (IMR 014CD/LP), a record that in many ways managed to truly capture the visceral live experience of Trentemøller as a full-band. In much the same manner that Lost built on from the somber cinematic classic that was Into The Great Wide Yonder (IMR 002CD/LP, 2010), Fixion has embraced the Danish artist's trademark melancholy and matured it into something uniquely atmospheric and darkly romantic.

Track Listing:

  1. One Eye Open
  2. Never Fade
  3. Sinus
  4. River in Me
  5. Phoenicia
  6. Redefine
  7. My Conviction
  8. November
  9. Spinning
  10. Circuits
  11. Complicated
  12. Where the Shadows Fall