Tribulation- Where The Gloom Becomes Sound

Tribulation- Where The Gloom Becomes Sound

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Label: Metal Blade

Released 1/29/21

Bone White & Black Melt Vinyl Variant! In the cloak of Darkness, TRIBULATION go bump. In the breath of night, they whisper secrets centuries forgotten. Tribulation is more than music. They are a warped old photograph, a painting from eyes that have seen too much, a vista that forces the strongest of constitutions to question. TRIBULATION might just be the best death metal band on the planet. They are the art resolute. “The Children Of The Night” is the Swedes’ boldest vision yet, resplendent in its expanse and measured in its restraint. TRIBULATION celebrates the valor of the present and enumerates the spells that will whisk them into the future on “The Children Of The Night”. Join them in death, life and beyond.

Track Listing:

  1. In Remembrance
  2. Hour Of The Wolf
  3. Leviathans
  4. Dirge Of A Dying Soul
  5. Lethe
  6. Daughter Of The Djinn
  7. Elementals
  8. Inanna
  9. Funeral Pyre
  10. The Wilderness