Tronics- Say! What Is This?

Tronics- Say! What Is This?

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Label: M'Lady's

Released 2013

2013 release from the British Indie Post-Punk band, a collection of early, previously unreleased and rare recordings from between 1978 and 1983. Tronics, led by Ziro Baby, who issued records between 1979 and 1983 are a musical rarity as things go. The releases brought Tronics and Ziro Baby, then and since, great acclaim being noted in the music press as a swamp God, the essence of Rock 'n' Roll, a pre-cursor for English Post Punk and Indie music and being credited for issuing the first independent cassette album in 1980 that started the cassette music boom. Despite the successes of the Tronics releases, being continually highly sought after and loved by so many, Tronics and Ziro Baby remain rare, mysterious and enigmatic underground phenomena.

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