Truman Peyote/ Many Mansions- Peaced Together

Truman Peyote/ Many Mansions- Peaced Together

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Label: Whitehaud

Released 3/30/10

TRUMAN PEYOTE and MANY MANSIONS are two rising experimental bands from Jamaica Plain, Mass who have come together on the new split 12″ Peaced Together. TRUMAN PEYOTE, whose genre-shifting sound could be described as percussive, bombastic and glitchy, recently recorded a studio session for WMUA.  MANY MANSIONS on the other hand, have a tripped-out ethereality about them, as witnessed on the track “Frontier Gnosis”.

Track Listing:

Side A- Truman Peyote

  1. Numbjob
  2. Kartwheels
  3. Sidewalk Sludging (Airbud)
  4. Megantadoor VI

Side B- Many Mansions

  1. Mind Island
  2. Ocean Temple
  3. Sparkly Portal
  4. Frontier Gnosis