TV On The Radio- Dear Science
TV On The Radio- Dear Science

TV On The Radio- Dear Science

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Label: Drastic Plastic

Reissued 11/25/2022, Originally released 2008

In 2008, TV on the Radio returned with possibly their finest work yet. After two already stunning efforts you might think that impossible - but Dear Science seems to do it with ease. It doesn't matter whether you're familiar with TV on the Radio or not, this body of work is so well crafted, innovative, provoking and enjoyable, it stands up all by itself. All their elements are still there - trance like funk, burning rock and a dark understanding of soul. However this time it comes soaked in strings and dipped in Sign o' the Times era Prince (just check the groove of Golden Age). From the new wave opener Halfway Home to the synth pop of Crying via the manic Dancing Choose - it leaves you set up for something huge....and it just keeps getting better. The string-picked funeral march that is Stork and Owl, the orchestral Red Dress that just builds and builds, the Bowie disco of Love Dog - every song is as good as the last. If there was one band in the world to match Radiohead toe to toe it would be this lot.

Track listing:

  1. Halfway Home 
  2. Crying 
  3. Dancing Choose 
  4. Stork & Owl 
  5. Golden Age 
  6. Family Tree 
  7. Red Dress 
  8. Love Dog 
  9. Shout Me Out 
  10. DLZ 
  11. Lover's Day