Tyler Childers- Long Violent History

Tyler Childers- Long Violent History

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Label: RCA

Released 1/15/21

The Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund was established in 2020 by Senora May and Tyler Childers to bring awareness and financial support for philanthropic efforts in the Appalachian Region. 100% of net proceeds from Long Violent History will support underserved communities in the Appalachian region through the Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund.

Track Listing:

  1. Send in the Clowns
  2. Squirrel Hunter
  3. Midnight on the Water
  4. Jenny Lynn
  5. Long Violent History
  6. Zollie's Retreat
  7. Sludge River Stomp
  8. Camp Chase
  9. Bonaparte's Retreat