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Label: Sub Pop

Released 2017

The U-Men’s recording history has previously been documented on Solid Action (1999), but that release only featured 18 tracks. U-Men includes their entire recorded output (on 2 CDs or 3 LPs): singles, EPs, compilation tracks, and their sole album, Step on a Bug: The Red Toad Speaks (1988). And most excitingly, there’s also some unreleased material. “Trouble Under Water” and “Mystery Pain” date from 1982 (or 1983; even the band isn’t sure!), while “Last Lunch” and “U-Men Stomp” are from 1984, all of them exuding the rockabilly swing that underscored so much of the band’s music.

Track listing:

  1. Blight 
  2. Flowers DGIH 
  3. Shoot ‘Em Down 
  4. Gila 
  5. Trouble Under Water 
  6. Mystery Pain 
  7. Last Lunch 
  8. Clubs 
  9. The Fumes 
  10. Cow Rock 
  11. Green Trumpet 
  12. A Year And A Day 
  13. Ten After One 
  14. They! 
  15. U-Men Stomp 
  16. Solid Action 
  17. Dig It A Hole 
  18. Whistlin' Pete 
  19. 2 X 4 
  20. A Three Year Old Could Do That 
  21. Juice Party 
  22. Flea Circus 
  23. Too Good To Be Food 
  24. Willie Dong Hurts Dogs 
  25. Papa Doesn't Love His Children Anymore 
  26. Pay The Bubba 
  27. Freezebomb 
  28. That's Wild About Jack 
  29. Bad Little Woman 
  30. Selfish