U-Ziq- Challenge Me Foolish

U-Ziq- Challenge Me Foolish

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Label: Planet Mu

Released 2018

‘Challenge Me Foolish’ is an almost lost album of µ-Ziq material circa 1998-99, an era that saw Mike Paradinas release ‘Royal Astronomy’ on the now defunct Virgin subsidiary Hut records, and also tour with Björk. It’s an era of his music that’s definitely worth re-exploring, in which Mike went against the grain by producing music that was baroque, melodic and whimsical, while the IDM movement he was lumped with made instrumental music that was often neurotic and complicated. His taste for melody and dreamy beauty above roughness and intricacy confused people who were hanging on too tightly to the rules. He even brought in Japanese vocalist Kazumi, adding an extra human touch.

Track listing:

  1. Inclement
  2. Undone
  3. Challenge Me Foolish
  4. Bassbins
  5. Robin Hood Gate
  6. Perhaps
  7. Durian
  8. Ceiling
  9. Lexicon
  10. Perfame
  11. Playbox
  12. Sad Inlay
  13. Peek Freans
  14. DoDaDu