Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown

Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown

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Label: Music On Vinyl

Reissued 4/23/21, originally released 1988

Limited double yellow colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes four page booklet. New York Hip Hop revolutionaries Ced-Gee, Kool Keith, Moe Luv and T.R. Love, known as Ultramagnetic MC's dropped their seminal debut album Critical Beatdown in 1988. Immediately grabbing the attention and pushing the boundaries of hip hop into new horizons, it was hailed as a masterpiece by the underground.

Track Listing:

  1. Watch Me Now
  2. Ease Back
  3. Ego Trippin' (MC's Ultra Remix)
  4. Moe Luv's Theme
  5. Kool Keith Housing Things
  6. Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Remix)
  7. Feelin' It
  8. One Minute Less
  9. Ain't It Good To You
  10. Funky (Remix)
  11. Give The Drummer Some
  12. Break North
  13. Critical Beatdown
  14. When I Burn
  15. Ced-Gee (Delta Force One)
  16. Funky (Original 12” Version)
  17. Bait (Original 12” Version)
  18. A Chorus Line Feat. Tim Dog (Original 12” Version)
  19. Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Hip-House Club Mix)
  20. Ego Trippin (Bonus Beats)
  21. Mentally Mad (Original 12” Version)