Unbroken- Life. Love. Regret.

Unbroken- Life. Love. Regret.

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Label: Indecision

Reissued 6/3/2022, Originally released 1994

Lasting a brief four years (1991-1995), Unbroken's legacy has continued on as a reference point for so much of current-day hardcore music. Over 25 years gone and their highly sought-after and revered album "Life. Love. Regret." is still considered an influential landmark for the genre, and one that still continually shows up on current playlists. This is the first time the CD format has been available since the '90s.

Track listing:

1. D4
2. End Of A Lifetime
3. In The Name of Progression
4. Razor
5. Final Expression
6. Blanket
7. Recluse
8. The Setup
9. Curtain