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Unsane- Unsane

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Label: Lamb Unlimited

Reissued 9/30/2022, Originally released 1991

By 1991 Unsane had perfected a unique "extreme" sound that established them as an important part of the NYC noise scene. With a couple singles and an unreleased 12" EP ("Improvised Munitions" eventually released in 2020), vocalist and guitarist Chris Spencer explains "We got offered a CBGB's show with Sonic Youth, although we were playing the graveyard slot which meant that we were to play after them. They played a crazy, super-long set and almost everyone had left as it was past 2 am, but of the 10 or 12 people still there, Gerard Cosloy from Matador [Records] had stayed. He offered us a deal that night." Decades after its initial release, it's impossible to deny or underestimate the musical evolution of the 90's without including Unsane. Combining abrasive noise-rock with corrosive and powerful distorted vocals, furious pulsations of bass and drums, Unsane had broken down the doors of noise-rock for the 90's. Available on CD, and on vinyl for the first time since 1991.

Track listing:

  1. Organ Donor
  2. Bath
  3. Maggot
  4. Cracked Up
  5. Slag
  6. Exterminator
  7. Vandal-X
  8. HLL
  9. Aza-2000
  10. Cut
  11. Action Man
  12. White Hand