VA- Arts & Crafts 2003-2013

VA- Arts & Crafts 2003-2013

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Label: Arts & Crafts

Released 6/25/13

*This item has never been played or opened. The shrinkwrap has been torn in the lower right corner, but the item is brand new.*

In the 10 years since the release of BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE’s YOU FORGOT IT IN PEOPLE, Arts & Crafts has emerged as one of the most influential and progressive voices in independent music, working with internationally acclaimed artists such as FEIST, STARS, BLOC PARTY, PHOENIX, LOS CAMPESINOS!, DAN MANGAN and many more. Arts & Crafts // 2003-2013 is a deluxe package curated from this decade of releases, including some of the label’s most recognizable hits and never before heard rarities and b-sides.

Track Listing:

  1. 7/4 Shoreline
  2. Elevator Love Letter
  3. Are You Gonna Waste My Time?
  4. Being Here
  5. Mushaboom
  6. Folkloric Feel
  7. Skinny Boy
  8. Content Was Always My Favourite Colour
  9. I'll Bring the Sun
  10. Recovery
  11. I Feel It All
  12. Demon Host
  13. Rows of Houses
  14. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
  15. You! Me! Dancing!
  16. Lover's Spit
  17. Death Cock
  18. Mind, Matter and Waste
  19. She Got By
  20. I Want a New Drug
  21. Grave Goods
  22. Saccharin and the War
  23. You Don't Know Me Anymore
  24. Allez Les Blues
  25. The Darkness of Things
  26. Islands in the Stream
  27. Rollerskate
  28. Raise the Dead
  29. Secretaries' Party
  30. False Cassandra
  31. Faults
  32. Tarantelle
  33. The Apology
  34. Blue Moon