VA- Born Bad Volume Two

VA- Born Bad Volume Two

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Label: Born Bad

Reissued 7/2/2021, Originally released 1986

Throughout the history of rock n' roll there have been those creatures that dwelt on the fringe, in rock n' rolls twilight zone. Deranged visionaries who took their music to the edge and sometimes over. The Cramps have helped us rediscover many of the crazed beings by recording and performing their songs and telling the world about them. This album is devoted to uncovering those forgotten or ignored classics. It also  pays tribute to the spirit of goneness, so sadly lacking in today's music. And tribute to the genius of the Cramps who have the spirit and aren't afraid to show it.

Track listing:

  1. The Phantom -  Love Me 
  2. Jimmy Lloyd - Rocket In My Pocket 
  3. Tommy James & The Shondells -  Hanky Panky 
  4. Paul Revere & The Raiders -  Hungry
  5. Kasenetz-Katz - Super Circus Quick Joey Small 
  6. Charlie Feathers - I Can't Hardly Stand It
  7. Jimmy Stewart - Rock On The Moon 
  8. Hasil Adkins - She Said 
  9. Dale Hawkins - Tornado
  10. Little Willie John - Fever
  11. Jackie Lee Cochran - Georgia Lee Brown
  12. Dave 'Diddle' Day - Blue Moon Baby
  13. Jody Reynolds - Fire Of Love
  14. Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town