VA- Killed By Death Vol. 15

VA- Killed By Death Vol. 15

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Label: Redrum

Released 2018

Another installment in this legendary series, this time centered in the obscure and extremely interesting early New Zealand Punk Rock scene. 13 tracks of pure K.B.D. mayhem by the likes of kiwi luminaries such as SUBURBAN REPTILES, SCAVENGERS, TOY LOVE, SPELLING MISTAKES and many more. No hippie shit, no disco, just pure Punk Rock bliss.enjoy, mate.

Track Listing:

  1. Suburban Reptiles- Megaton
  2. ScavengersBorn To Bullshit
  3. Proud ScumSuicide 2
  4. The TerrorwaysShort Haird Rock 'n' Roll
  5. SuperettesStage
  6. Features- Police Wheels
  7. Marching GirlsTrue Love
  8. Toy Love- I Don't Mind
  9. The Spelling Mistakes- Hate Me, Hate Me
  10. The Androidss- Auckland Tonight
  11. Riot 111- 1981
  12. The Dum Dum BoysEscape From Hell
  13. Desperate Measures- 1984