VA- More Halloween Nuggets

VA- More Halloween Nuggets

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Label: Rockbeat

Released 9/15/2023

The ultimate Halloween-themed novelty rock 'n' roll soundtrack featuring vintage sides from the 1960s and audio of 3 horror movie trailers. The perfect soundtrack for celebrating Halloween with novelty rock 'n' roll. For fans of deep1960s vintage Halloween themed novelty rock 'n' roll: witches, teenage monsters, graveyards, haunted houses, devils, ghosts and zombies. While the track are mostly from the 1960s, there is a sampling from the late 1950s. Features 18 deep crate digger classics pressed on limited edition- ghostly purple colored vinyl.

Track listing:

  1. The Mystrys - Witch Girl
  2. Teddy Durant - the Beast of Sunset Strip
  3. The Ebb-Tides - Seance
  4. Bela la Goldstein - Why Do I Love You
  5. Murray Schafe and the Aristocrats - Tombstone Number 9
  6. Round Robin - I'm the Wolf Man
  7. Chance Halladay - Deep Sleep
  8. The Connoissurs - Count Macabre
  9. The Madmen - Haunted
  10. Terry Gale - the Voodoo
  11. Daron Daemon & the Vampires - Ghost Guitars
  12. Mann Drake - Vampire's Ball
  13. Johnny Alderson - Zoola Zooky
  14. Peter and the Wolves - Mr. Frankenstein
  15. Frankie Stein and His Ghouls - Dr. Spook (Twist)
  16. Kenny and the Fiends - the Raven
  17. The Executioners - the Guillotine
  18. Gary Warren - Werewolf