VA- Now That's What I Call Halloween

VA- Now That's What I Call Halloween

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Label: Universal

Released 2017

This Halloween-themed collection includes tracks from Mike Oldfield, Warren Zevon, John Carpenter, Rockwell, The Specials, Rob Zombie, Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers and others. Now That's What I Call Music is the most successful compilation album series in the history of recorded music. With over 96 million units of the series scanned to date in the US, the #1 Billboard charting album NOW 53 sold 100,000 units during the first week of release. Many of NOW's brand extension collections of recent Pop Chart-topping hits such as NOW Party Anthems and NOW #1's continue to scan over 100K units per title.

Track listing:

  1. Halloween Theme (Main Title) By John Carpenter 2:22
  2. Dragula By Rob Zombie 3:42
  3. Carmina Burana: O Fortuna By Leonard Slatkin 2:33
  4. Tubular Bells (Theme from 'The Exorcist') By Mike Oldfield 3:16
  5. (Don't Fear) the Reaper (Single Version) By Blue Oyster Cult 3:49
  6. Devil Inside By Inxs 3:57
  7. Bad Things By Jace Everett 2:43
  8. Werewolves of London By Warren Zevon 3:21
  9. Ghost Town By the Specials 3:40
  10. Dead Man's Party By Oingo Boingo 6:18
  11. Monster Mash By Bobby Boris Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers 3:13
  12. This Is Halloween By the Citizens of Halloween 3:16
  13. Season of the Witch By Donovan 4:55
  14. I Put a Spell on You By Nina Simone 2:34
  15. Beetlejuice: Main Title / End Title By Danny Elfman 3:41
  16. Ghostbusters By Run-Dmc 4:08
  17. A Nightmare on My Street By DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince 4:54
  18. Somebody's Watching Me (Single Version) By Rockwell 3:59