VA (Phil Spector)- The Anthology '59-'62

VA (Phil Spector)- The Anthology '59-'62

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Label: Not Now UK

Released 2013

Limited double vinyl LP pressing. EU collection of key early tracks taken from producer Phil Spector's influential back catalog. With Spector releases, it wasn't just about the songs... it was also about the production. Phil's 'Wall of Sound' style of production was (and is) often copied, but has never been duplicated. This set includes classic hits from the Crystals, Gene Pitney, Ben E King, Curtis Lee, and many others.

Track Listing:

  1. He's a Rebel
  2. Every Breath I Take
  3. Under the Moon of Love
  4. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
  5. Puddin' N' Tain
  6. Second Hand Love
  7. To Know Him Is to Love Him
  8. Bumbershoot
  9. Anyone But You
  10. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
  11. First Taste of Love
  12. Gonna Git That Man
  13. Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby
  14. Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid and I
  15. Twist and Shout
  16. Love, Love, Love
  17. Willy Boy
  18. He Hit Me
  19. A World of Tears
  20. Dream for Sale
  21. Til You'll Be Mine
  22. Beverley Jean
  23. Always Late
  24. Young Boy Blues
  25. A Kiss from Your Lips
  26. I Really Do
  27. Spanish Harlem
  28. When You Dance
  29. I Love How You Love Me
  30. I
  31. You Can Get Him
  32. Shang Shang
  33. I'm So Happy
  34. Mr. Robin
  35. Uptown