VA- Punk 45- Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns

VA- Punk 45- Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns

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Label: Soul Jazz

Released 2018

Unique Soul Jazz Records' Record Store Day seven-inch box set comprising five fantastic bespoke rare and collectors punk singles, all re-mastered and all come in their own separate exact replica original artwork. Featuring classic punk rarities from the likes of X_X, The Bizarros, Hollywood Squares and more, all in original stunning artwork! This unique box-set edition is only available as a one-off pressing especially for Record Store Day 2018.

Track listing:

  1. No Nonsense - X_X
  2. Approaching the Minimal With Spray Guns - X_X
  3. White Screen Movies - Bizzaros
  4. Rubber City Rebels - Rubber City Rebels
  5. Disintegration Nation - Flesh Eaters
  6. Agony Shorthand - Flesh Eaters
  7. Radio Dies Screaming - Flesh Eaters
  8. Twisted Road - Flesh Eaters
  9. Amory Building - The Scabs
  10. Leave Me Alone - The Scabs
  11. Don't Just Sit There - The Scabs
  12. U.R.E. - The Scabs
  13. Hillside Strangler - The Hollywood Squares
  14. Hollywood Square - The Hollywood Squares