VA- Sacred Bones Presents: Ya Ho Wha

VA- Sacred Bones Presents: Ya Ho Wha

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Label: Sacred Bones

Reissued 12/16/2022, Originally released 1973

We have curated an LP of original Ya Ho Wa 13 and Father Yod and the Spirit of ’76 (the musical projects of the iconic spiritual commune Brotherhood of the Source) music from their rich and prolific recording history. For those not familiar, Ya Ho Wa 13, formed in 1973, are regarded as one of the most extreme, groundbreaking and influential psychedelic rock bands in history.

Track listing:

  1. Ho
  2. A Lady
  3. Every Morning
  4. Oh Ya Ho Wa
  5. The Great Woe
  6. Different Dreams
  7. I'm Gonna Take You Home (Excerpt)
  8. Ya Ho Wha