VA- Synesthesia: Medical Records- The First Five Years

VA- Synesthesia: Medical Records- The First Five Years

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Label: Medical

Released 2015

Medical Records is celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary as well as 50th release! For this 50th release we have chosen to release our first retrospective with a twist. This double LP features a hand-picked selection of tracks intended to highlight our past reissues on the first 3 sides. All reissue tracks and new tracks have received additional remastering and mastering. Features songs from LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM, GAY GAT PARK, DRINKING ELECTRICITY, CHRISTOF GLOWALLA, DISCO VOLANTE, TONY CAREY, NEAR PARIS, I SIGNORI DELLA GALASSIA, PAUL NELSON, LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH, ALOA, IKO, ILLUSTRATION SONORE, ROLADEX, KLINE COMA XERO, ((PRESSURES)), and LE CLICHE. This double LP is housed in a specially designed gatefold heavy sleeve featuring the Medical logo in a “color blindness test” on the front with the gatefold filled with thumbnails of all 50 past releases. Presented on high-quality 160-gram colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

  1. Lou Champagne System - Propaganda Frustration
  2. Gay Cat Park - Bit Of Charm
  3. Drinking Electricity - Subliminal (7″ Version)
  4. Christof Glowalla - Erde 80
  5. Disco Volante - No Motion
  6. Tony Carey - No. 8
  7. Near Paris - Visions
  8. I Signori Della Galassia - Proxima Centauri
  9. Paul Nelson - Automated Man
  10. Laugh Clown Laugh - Feel So Young
  11. Aloa- Himbeereis
  12. Iko- Digital Delight
  13. Illustration Sonore- Meilleur Du Monde
  14. Roladex- We R
  15. Kline Coma Xero- Click
  16. ((PRESSURES))- I Am A Vocoder
  17. Le Cliché- Red Movies