VA- Thousands of Eyes in the Dark

VA- Thousands of Eyes in the Dark

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Label: Ghostly

Released 11/15/2019

For two decades, Ghostly International has functioned at the joints of genre, distinctly connecting many, demarcated by none. Among the more curious throughlines in the label's stylistic architecture is its use of the tag SMM. Launched discreetly in 2003, the undefined acronym has designated calm, slow-moving music that straddles the synthetic/organic divide in surprising ways. 2011 compilation SMM: Context pieced together landscapes imagined by the likes of LEYLAND KIRBY and CHRISTINA VANTZUO. 2013 follow-up SMM: Opiate proposed the evocative possibilities of sound with artists such as NOVELLER and A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN. The letters have since emphasized releases ranging from harpist MARY LATTIMORE to synthesist STEVE HAUSCHILDT. In 2019, alongside the label's 20-year milestone, Ghostly extends Thousands of Eyes in the Dark, a collection celebrating international talent with an outward gaze. Ten original works of contemporary melodic and incidental electronics --fragments, moods, vignettes -- sequenced as one continuous suite, a pairing of personal expression with wide angle vision.

Track listing:

  1. SK U Kno- Cut And Faze
  2. Emily A. Sprague- Mesa
  3. Grand River- This Was Us
  4. Tadd Mullinix- Woman In The Dunes
  5. Sarah Davachi- Sybil
  6. Orcas- Rills
  7. Khotin- Angel Epicenter
  8. Saariselka- Shepherd Canyon
  9. Space Afrika- Canu
  10. Yosi Horikawa- Thalfang