VA- Todo Muere SBXV
VA- Todo Muere SBXV

VA- Todo Muere SBXV

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Label: Sacred Bones

Released 5/27/2022

Sacred Bones is an independent record label and publishing company based in Brooklyn, NY that started over 15 years ago in the basement of a record store and has gone on to become a critically respected label that is synonymous with forward-thinking music and culture and won the 2020 Libera Award for Label of the Year. With over 300 releases under our belt, we've had the distinct pleasure to work with legendary artists the likes of Mort Garson, Patti Smith, Trent Reznor, and the late Genesis P-Orridge, as well as fostered the respective music careers of film directors David Lynch, John Carpenter, and Jim Jarmusch. We've also released career-defining albums by newer artists like Zola Jesus, SPELLLING, Molchat Doma, Marissa Nadler, Amen Dunes, and Jenny Hval, all while retaining our cult underground through smaller curated releases from some of the best punk and experimental artists. Our fifteenth anniversary as a label will be honored with several events and an exciting vinyl repress collection but the crown jewel of this year's celebration is the compilation Todo Muere that features beloved artists from our roster covering their favorite songs that we have released over the years. The compilation features innovative pairings, like punk stalwarts Institute covering art pop sensation SPELLLING, and matches made in heaven like Marissa Nadler's gorgeously eerie cover of David Lynch's already eerie song "Cold Wind Blowin." Some songs are sister renditions with their own imaginative touch like Constant Smiles' cover of Jenny Hval while others, like the Zola Jesus song performed by Thou, Mizmor and Emma Ruth Rundle take on entirely different genres. And while each song on the comp stands on it's own as a testament to the many song writing and song performance talents housed on the Sacred Bones roster, the compilation as a whole was sequenced as a cohesive whole deserving prime placement on any record shelf.

Track listing:

  1. Boris – “Funnel Of Love” (SQÜRL Cover)
  2. Anika – “Godstar” (Psychic TV Cover)
  3. The Hunt – “I Can’t Stand” (Zola Jesus Cover)
  4. Constant Smiles – “Spells” (Jenny Hval Cover)
  5. Dean Hurley – “Our Day Will Come” (Mort Garson Cover)
  6. Domingæ – “Change” (Anika Cover)
  7. Thou, Mizmor, & Emma Ruth Rundle – “Night” (Zola Jesus Cover)
  8. Hilary Woods – “In Heaven” (David Lynch Cover)
  9. Institute – “Boys At School” (SPELLLING Cover)
  10. Marissa Nadler – “Cold Wind Blowin'” (David Lynch Cover)
  11. “The Holydrug Couple – “Coca Cola Blues” (Psychic Ills Cover)