Valley Maker- When The Day Leaves

Valley Maker- When The Day Leaves

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Label: Frenchkiss

Released 2/19/21

We have all become experts in the imbalance of uncertainty these days, newly accustomed to canceling plans and tentatively rescheduling them for some future we can only imagine. For Austin Crane - the ruminative songwriter, riveting guitarist, and singular voice - such a sense of uncertainty has emerged as his steadfast companion these last few years, a period of profound transition. This flux is the anchor for the gorgeous and felicitous When the Day Leaves. Driven as it is by departure, When the Day Leaves marks the arrival of Valley Maker as a trustworthy narrator for these shaky times. Crane synthesizes these complex feelings into single, "No One Is Missing." All these thoughts are rendered with newfound lyrical richness, balancing intimate tidbits with universal ambiguity.

Track Listing:

  1. Branch I Bend
  2. No One Is Missing
  3. Pine Trees
  4. Instrument
  5. Mockingbird
  6. Aberration
  7. Voice Inside The Well
  8. On A Revelation
  9. Freedom
  10. Line Erasing
  11. When The Day Leaves