VA- A Merge Group Plays “Heroes”

VA- A Merge Group Plays “Heroes”

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Label: Merge

Released 2/8/19

A Merge Group Plays Heroes documents the full live tribute to the classic DAVID BOWIE album from a carefully assembled all-star group of Merge Records veteran musicians. DAM BEJAR (aka DESTROYER) takes on the venerable BOWIE lead vocal spot (I mean, who else could it have been?). MAC MCCAUGHAN of SUPERCHUNK leads the band in dual guitar mode with Nashville virtuoso WILLIAM TYLER. WYE OAK's JENN WASNER gives ENO a run for his money in the keyboard/synthesizer role while free jazz legend KEN VANDERMARK provides a new, alien texture to BOWIE's compositions. The rhythm section of MEGAFAUN's Brad Cook & Joe Westerlund keep everyone in check, themselves no stranger to balancing the weirdness with the groove.

Track Listing:

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Abdulmajid
  3. Joe the Lion
  4. Sense of Doubt
  5. Sons of the Silent Age
  6. Neuköln
  7. V-2 Schneider
  8. “Heroes”