VA- Back From The Grave: Volume 8

VA- Back From The Grave: Volume 8

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Label: Crypt

Fully remastered ultimate wailing double lp 60s punk insanity! Crypt's 8th offering in their "Back From The Grave" series, features total cuts by THE GROOP, THE BENDERS, ADRIAN LLOYD, THE CHANCELLORS, THE PSEUDOS, THE PAINTED SHIP, THE MERLYNN TREE, DAVE MYERS & THE DISCIPLES, THE CINDELLS, THE CAVEDWELLERS, THE ASCENDORS, THE PIECE KOR, THE RAVENZ, THE DAVE STARKY 5, THE SONICS, plus more.

Track Listing:

  1. Groop- Alright!
  2. The Benders- Can't Tame Me
  3. Adrian Lloyd- Lorna
  4. The Chancellors- On Tour
  5. The Psuedos- A Long Way to Nowhere
  6. The Bojax- Go Ahead & Go
  7. The Wyld- Goin' Places
  8. The Elite UFO- Now Who's Good Enough
  9. The Painted Ship- And She Said Yes
  10. The Merlynn Tree- Look In Your Mirror
  11. Dave Myers & The Disciples- C'mon Love
  12. The Cindells- Don't Bring Me Down
  13. James T & The Workers- That is All
  14. The Outspoken Blues- Not Right Now
  15. The Painted Ship- I Told Those Little White Lies
  16. Just Too Much- She Gives Me Time
  17. The Cavedwellers- Run Around
  18. The Village Outcast- The Girl I Used to Love
  19. The New Fugitives- That's Queer
  20. The Ascendors- I Won't Be Home
  21. The Tikis- We're On the Move
  22. The Amberjacks- Hey Eriq!
  23. The Ravenz- Jus Like I Want Her
  24. The Piece Kor- All I Want Is My Baby Back
  25. The Dagenites- I Don't Want To Try It Again
  26. The Dark Horsemen- You Lied
  27. The Dave Starky 5- Hey Everybody
  28. The Dogs- Don't Try To Help Me
  29. The Sonics- Diddy Wah Diddy
  30. Pulsating Heartbeats- Talkin' About You
  31. The New Fugitives- She's My Baby
  32. The Merlynn Tree- How To Win Friends