Versus- Ex Voto

Versus- Ex Voto

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Label: Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Released 2019

There have been rumblings for years amongst the band's ardent fans about Versus working on a sci-fi concept album. The band had essentially disappeared from the public eye since releasing 2010's On the Ones and Threes, before the excellent Ex Nihilo EP materialized in May 2019, unveiling the nascent stages of this direction. Now, the apocrypha has been dispelled with the new LP, Ex Voto. It is evident immediately that the two records complement one another thematically, and were culled from the same sessions, recorded by Ian James and mixed by Ray Ketchem.

Track listing:

  1. Gravity 
  2. Moon Palace 
  3. University
  4. Mummified 
  5. Baby Green 
  6. Atmosphere 
  7. Nothing But U 
  8. Re-Animator