Visionist - A Call To Arms

Visionist - A Call To Arms

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Label: Mute

Released 3/26/21

A Call To Arms is Visionist's (aka Louis Carnell) third album release and where previously the artist used his vocals as samples, for the first time we hear his singing voice in the form of song and lyric. Along with the addition of Visionist's vocals, the album is also host to a varied list of collaborators. "With every project I want to test myself, so with this ethos, I expand the landscape of sound I have created over the years," he says. "On A Call To Arms I have furthered my musical direction in terms of collaboration in order to bring new layers of sonics, dynamics, energies and ideas." For Visionist each album is a chapter in a bigger storyline, and this new album builds upon 2015's debut, Safe and it's 2017 follow up, Value.

Track Listing:

  1. By Design 5:39
  2. Form 4:59
  3. Allowed To Dream 4:39
  4. Nearly God 8:31
  5. A Born New 4:00
  6. The Fold 4:54
  7. Lie Digging 4:13
  8. Winter Sun 4:39
  9. Cast 3:11