Vitreous Humor- Posthumous

Vitreous Humor- Posthumous

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Label: Ernest Jennings Record Co.

Reissued 5/7/2021, Originally released 1998

1st time ever on vinyl! Reissue of the long out of print first and final 1998 LP from influential Topeka, KS emo/indie/post-hardcore pioneers Vitreous Humor. Remastered by Bob Weston. Includes rarities not featured on the original release!

Track listing:

  1. My Midget
  2. Why Are You So Mean To Me
  3. Speaking Tube
  4. Science Has No Soul
  5. Tough Women
  6. Fashion Anyway
  7. Foster Oregon
  8. New Victoria Theater
  9. The Landslide Dies
  10. Sharin' Stone
  11. Our Lady Of The Highways
  12. The Whisper Twins
  13. Cat Shit Silver