Vitriol- Suffer & Become

Vitriol- Suffer & Become

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Label: Century Media

Released 1/26/2024

In their latest release, "Suffer & Become," Portland's VITRIOL persists in their resolute pursuit to both refine and redefine the very essence of modern death metal. Expertly recorded by the band's visionary frontman, Kyle Rassmussen, and skillfully mixed by Dave Otero (known for his work with Archspire and Cattle Decapitation), VITRIOL's second full-length album wholeheartedly embraces mind-bending technical intricacies and unadulterated ferocity, leaving long-time fans who've witnessed their stage-demolishing prowess alongside acts like Morbid Angel and Cattle Decapitation utterly stunned. Tracks like "Shame and Its Afterbirth" and "Weaponized Loss" offer unadulterated forays into a world of intense sonic exploration, drenched in dense, blackened sonics. VITRIOL's impact is nothing short of paradigm-shifting, obliterating barriers and establishing new standards, and "Suffer & Become" stands as an unequivocal masterpiece of contemporary extremity.

Track listing:

  1. Shame and Its Afterbirth 
  2. The Flowers of Sadism
  3. Nursing from the Mother Wound
  4. The Isolating Lie of Learning Another
  5. Survival's Careening Inertia
  6. Weaponized Loss
  7. Flood of Predation
  8. Locked in Thine Frothing Wisdom
  9. I Am Every Enemy
  10. He Will Fight Savagely