Walkmen- You & Me

Walkmen- You & Me

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Label: Marcata

Reissued 6/10/2022, Originally released 2008

A new deluxe edition of NYC art-rock band the Walkmen's career highlight You & Me. - Originally released in 2008, this new edition is fully remastered by Chris Colbert and features a fourth side of unreleased tracks from the era recorded at Memphis legendary Sun Studio for PBS that captures the album's essential nature as a 21st-century band deeply influenced by early rock and roll music. - You & Me was the Walkmen's fourth studio album and widely considered their masterpiece, kicking off a new life for the band with standouts such as "In the New Year", "On the Water" and "I Lost You." The Sun recordings showcase a massive local horn section including Ben Cauley of the Bar-Kays, the only survivor of the plane crash that took Otis Redding along with 4 other members of the Bar-Kays.

Track listing:

  1. D Nde Est la Playa
  2. Flamingos [For Colbert]
  3. On the Water
  4. In the New Year
  5. Seven Years of Holidays [For Stretch]
  6. Postcards from Tiny Islands
  7. Red Moon
  8. Canadian Girl
  9. Four Provinces
  10. Long Time Ahead of Us
  11. The Blue Route
  12. New Country
  13. I Lost You
  14. If Only It Were True