Watain- Sworn to the Dark

Watain- Sworn to the Dark

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Label: Season of Mist

Released 2007

Upon its’ initial 2007 release, ' Sworn to the Dark' catapulted WATAIN from the depths of the underground to the forefront of the international extreme metal scene. The eleven track album is an immense discharge of magic and death that has been writ as an ultimate black metal monolith as evidence by its’ numerous "Best of 2007" awards from critics, fans, and publications the world over. Tracks such as "Stellarvore", "Storm of the Antichrist" and the title track remains staples of the bands super-charged and controversial live shows to this day, and the shadow cast by this album continues to grow with each passing year. Ltd. Ed. pressing on crystal clear double vinyl.

Track Listing:

  1. Legions Of The Black Light 8:03
  2. Satan's Hunger 6:45
  3. Withershins 1:01
  4. Storm Of The Antichrist 4:14
  5. The Light That Burns The Sun 7:03
  6. Sworn To The Dark 5:03
  7. Underneath The Cenotaph 4:11
  8. The Serpent's Chalice 6:42
  9. Darkness And Death 4:13
  10. Dead But Dreaming 2:04
  11. Stellarvore 8:17