Waterparks- Intellectual Property

Waterparks- Intellectual Property

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Label: Fueled By Ramen

Released 4/14/2023

2023 release from the Houston, Texas-based punk band. In his exclusive interview with Kerrang!, frontman Awsten Knight revealed about this album, "I think that it does everything that Waterparks does best, and it expands. There are pieces that feel like they could have been on any other albums, but then there's elements of it that full-on expand past anywhere we've been before. I think there's a perfect balance between the poetry that you'd find on [2018 album] Entertainment versus the blunt crazy shit that you'd find on Fandom. It's a perfect melding of all of it."

Track listing:

  1. St*rfucker
  2. Real Super Dark
  3. Funeral Grey
  4. Brainwashed
  5. 2 Best Friends
  6. End Of The Water (Feel)
  7. Self-Sabotage
  8. Ritual
  9. Fuck About It ft. blackbear
  10. Closer
  11. A Night Out On Earth