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Label: Fat Possum

Released 2009

When not watching cops or drinking 40s in the park, Nathan Daniel William blogs on classic rap and records waves and waves of effortlessly great slack / crust / beach / punk compressed onto 4 track cassette in his san diego bedroom. It's a room that most of us will only imagine. Thanks to the eager bloggers, you may have already heard wavves. If you have not, we can say that few things are more annoying than reading a string of sound references. so how 'bout this : WAVVES are exemplifying every pastiche of what anyone in their mid 20's has been through musically and somehow, some that they have not. How a tune written by a 22 yr old can evoke this boyish reverie and reverence of thoughtful nostalgia is beyond me, but listen between the grooves and yr gonna hear it too. WAVVES is the sound of today's American youth! It's a new day rising and as the WAVVES get higher, they gotta converge. You can choose to stay down in the curl, but if you follow the winner, we can meet up on the crest.

Track Listing:

  1. Rainbow Everywhere
  2. Beach Demon
  3. To The Dregs
  4. Sun Opens My Eyes
  5. Gun In The Sun 
  6. So Bored
  7. Goth Girls
  8. No Hope Kids
  9. Weed Demon
  10. California Goths
  11. Summer Goth
  12. Beach Goth
  13. Killr Punx, Scary Demons
  14. Surf Goth