Weezer- SZNZ: Spring

Weezer- SZNZ: Spring

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Label: Crush / Atlantic

Released 2/3/2023

Weezer are proud to present one of their most exciting projects to date: SZNZ, a four EP song cycle of sorts. Already mythical across the internet, SZNZ will, fittingly, be released at the start of every season via Crush Music/Atlantic Records. Each EP will offer its own palette of colors, creatures, and emotions to explore. They're also being created in real time, made in tandem with the season themselves; the band only just finished SZNZ: Spring, and have yet to begin work on SZNZ: Summer, SZNZ: Autumn, and SZNZ: Winter. Once they've all been released, however, the EPs will create an incredible collection of some of Weezer's best songs yet, which is no small feat for a band that never leaves the Zeitgeist. 

Track listing:

  1. Opening Night
  2. Angels on Vacation
  3. A Little Bit of Love
  4. The Garden of Eden
  5. The Sound of Drums
  6. All This Love
  7. Wild at Heart.