Whiskey Myers- Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers- Whiskey Myers

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Label: Wiggy Thump

Released 9/27/19

Genre-bending band WHISKEY MYERS have played nearly 2,000 live shows since their emergence in 2008 and have sold out more than 115 headlining shows in the last 15 months alone. As Esquire proclaims, “WHISKEY MYERS are the real damn deal.” USA Today describes the band led by frontman Cody Cannon as “a riff-heavy blend of Southern rock and gritty country that has earned comparisons to the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND and LED ZEPPELIN,” with Rolling Stone noting “it’s the seminal combination of twang and crunchy rock & roll guitars that hits a perfect sweet spot.”

Track Listing:

  1. Die Rockin'
  2. Mona Lisa
  3. Rolling Stone
  4. Bitch
  5. Gasoline
  6. Bury My Bones
  7. Glitter Ain't Gold
  8. Houston County Sky
  9. Little More Money
  10. California to Caroline
  11. Kentucky Gold
  12. Running
  13. Hammer
  14. Bad Weather