Will Haven- VII

Will Haven- VII

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Label: Minus Head 

Released 7/7/2023

Sacramento hardcore band Will Haven mesmerize again with their ferocious new album, VII. Will Haven came together in 1995, announcing their presence through a self-titled demo in that year and a likewise-titled EP the very next year. The band’s first full-length album, El Diablo, was not far away, and it sent an early warning signal to the heavy music world. Over the years, the band’s style has evolved, and the lineup has changed a bit, too. At the same time, the forcefulness of their music has grown, sometimes in unpredictable ways. The band is Grady Avenell (vocals), Jeff Irwin (guitar, keys, vocals), Mitch Wheeler (drums), Adrien Contreras (bass), and Sean Bivins (keys. Piano).

Track listing:

  1. Luna
  2. 5 of Fire
  3. For All Future Time
  4. Evolution of Man
  5. Paloma's Blessing
  6. Wings of Mariposa
  7. Diablito
  8. Diablito II
  9. No Stars to Guide Me
  10. Feeding the Soil
  11. La Ultima Nota