XTC- White Music

XTC- White Music

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Label: Ape House / Panegyric

Reissued 7/22/2022, Originally released 1978

UK Import

Limited 200gm vinyl LP pressing of the 1978 classic debut album by iconic British rock group XTC. Newly cut from masters by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering and approved by Andy Partridge. White Music neatly encapsulates the frenetic nature of the post-punk/new wave period, a time when bands such as XTC could issue two singles and two albums in under twelve months while maintaining a full schedule of gigs reached in poor transport, frequently followed by poorer accommodation and along with all of the accompanying press and promo requirements, all in order to build an audience.

Track listing:

  1. Radios in Motion
  2. X Wires
  3. This Is Pop
  4. Do What You Do
  5. Statue of Liberty
  6. All Along the Watch Tower
  7. Atom Age
  8. Set Myself on Fire
  9. I'm Bugged
  10. New Town Animal
  11. Spinning Top
  12. Neon Shuffle