Yard Act- The Overload

Yard Act- The Overload

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Label: Zen F.C.

Released 1/21/2022

Their inherent wit has been sharpened down into something that speaks to the times we live in, creating a statement of intent that survives on nuance, that manages to poke fun at society without punching down from a place of left-wing superiority or right-wing anger. The Overload is a political record, but in the same way that all great observations of human nature are ' a messy, complex, knowingly hypocritical snapshot of our current state of play.

Track listing:

  1. The Overload
  2. Dead Horse
  3. Payday
  4. Rich
  5. The Incident
  6. Witness
  7. Land Of The Blind
  8. Quarantine The Sticks
  9. Tall Poppies
  10. Pour Another
  11. 100% Endurance