Yea Big + Kid Static- Yea Big + Kid Static

Yea Big + Kid Static- Yea Big + Kid Static

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Label: JIB

Released 2007

Yea Big + Kid Static make retro futuristic comic book hip hop for the stationarily challenged. When they're not hijacking your brain piece, Kid Static travels the country jumping onto and flying off of buildings as a Hollywood stunt double, while Yea Big practices mind control techniques over a pack of designer breed dogs. Separately, these two heroes are a force to be reckoned with but together, they are two ingredients in a recipe for world domination.

Track listing:

  1. The Screaming Starts At Sundown
  2. We've Built A Time Machine That Runs On Beats. We Shall Only Use It For Good.
  3. Static Leads The Coup
  4. Transmission Ended
  5. Joining Forces
  6. Speak The Facts
  7. Low Budget Battle Scene
  8. The Basement / Enfant Terrible
  9. On The Blink
  10. Repairs Are Needed
  11. Duck, Mother Fuckers! 
  12. Revel In The Aftermath
  13. The Life Here
  14. Things Have To Change, Pete.
  15. Why The Fuck Does This Keep Happening?
  16. Back Into The Sleeve