Yma Sumac- Incan High Priestess

Yma Sumac- Incan High Priestess

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Label: Naked Lunch

Reissued 2022

The so called 'Nightingale Of The Andes', a necessary introduction to the life and music of the one and only Yma Sumac. The Peruvian singer who startled audiences in the United States and Europe with her remarkable voice, beauty, and mysterious "Inca" princess / priestess persona. Literally bridging the gap from folklore to exotica, Yma Sumac was the forerunner of a new philosophy.

Track listing:

  1. Taita Inty (Virgin Of The Sun God) 
  2. Ataypura (High Andes) 
  3. Wayra (Dance Of The Winds) 
  4. Incacho (Royal Anthem) 
  5. Cuncho (The Forest Creatures) 
  6. Malaya! (My Destiny) 
  7. Karibe Taki 
  8. Witallia! (Fuego En Los Andes) 
  9. Kon Tiki 
  10. Zana 
  11. Mamallay! 
  12. Kuyaway (Cancion De Amor Inca)