You Blew It- Abendrot

You Blew It- Abendrot

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Label: Big Scary

Released 11/11/16

UK Import

You Blew It have returned with their highly anticipated, 3rd full-length album. Titled Abendrot (a German word for 'afterglow' or 'sunset') and once again joining producer Evan Weiss (Into It Over It), it finds the band making a strong and confident leap forward. One moment hushed and delicate, the next anthem and passionate. Lyrically shying away from nothing, the band tackles everything from mortality and religion to relationships, anxiety and more. Since the release of 2014's Keep Doing What You're Doing, You Blew It has found critical acclaim from outlets like Pitchfork, C.O.S., USA Today and many others as well as maintaining a tireless touring schedule, sharing the stage with the likes of The Front Bottoms, Say Anything, Citizen, Coheed & Cambria, Motion City Soundtrack to name a few.

Track Listing:

  1. Epaulette
  2. Like Myself
  3. Sundial Song
  4. Greenwood
  5. Autotheology
  6. Hue
  7. Canary
  8. Forecasting
  9. Minorwye
  10. Arrowhead
  11. Basin & Range
  12. Kerning