Yussef Dayes- Black Classical Music
Yussef Dayes- Black Classical Music

Yussef Dayes- Black Classical Music

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Label: Nonesuch

Released 9/8/2023

Black Classical Music is Yussef Dayes' nineteen-track debut solo studio album. His drum licks and Rocco Palladino's bass are the sturdy anchors, aided by Charlie Stacey (keys/synths), Venna (saxophone), Alexander Bourt (percussion), and a host of features including: Chronixx, Masego, Jamilah Barry, Tom Misch, Elijah Fox, Shabaka Hutchings, Miles James, Sheila Maurice Grey, Nathaniel Cross, Theon Cross, and the Chineke! Orchestra-the first professional orchestra in Europe to be made up of majority Black and ethnically diverse musicians.

Track listing:

  1. Black Classical Music (FT. Venna & Charlie Stacey)
  2. Afro Cubanism
  3. Raisins Under the Sun (FT. Shabaka Hutchings)
  4. Rust (FT. Tom Misch)
  5. Turqouise Galaxy
  6. The Light (FT. Bahia Dayes)
  7. Pon Di Plaza (FT. Chronixx)
  8. Magnolia Symphony
  9. Early Dayes
  10. Chasing the Drums
  11. Birds of Paradise
  12. Gelato
  13. Marching Band (FT. Masego)
  14. Crystal Palace Park (FT. Elijah Fox)
  15. Presidential (FT. Jahaan Sweet)
  16. Jukebox
  17. Woman's Touch (FT. Jamilah Barry)
  18. Tioga Pass (FT. Rocco Palladino)
  19. Cowrie Charms (FT. Leon Thomas & Barbara Hicks)