Zao- The Crimson Corridor

Zao- The Crimson Corridor

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Label: Observed / Observer Recordings

Released 4/9/2021

Musically speaking “The Crimson Corridor” is extremes. While there are plenty of the band’s signature crushing riffs and abrasive vocals there are also a lot of moments of quiet tension. Zao is not in a hurry and are not afraid to drop back and build quiet tension only to slam back roaring louder than before.

Track listing:

  1. Into The Jaws Of Dread 
  2. Croatoan 
  3. The Final Ghost 
  4. R.I.P.W. 
  5. The Crimson Corridor 
  6. Transitions 
  7. Nothing's Form 
  8. Creator/Destroyer 
  9. Lost Star 
  10. The Web