Zomby- Ultra

Zomby- Ultra

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Label: Hyperdub

Released 2016

Double vinyl LP pressing hosed in a metallic red sleeve. Zomby's album is his most focussed to date. His ultra-modern music has a unique character, and 'Ultra' really displays his ability to create varied and detailed mutations. On 'Ultra' he warps discordant Eski grime ('Burst', 'Freeze', 'Yeti'), creates dreamlike blooms on 'Her' and Thaw', and builds crystalline music box takes on house and 2step on 'Glass' and 'I'. Zomby also collaborates on the album with Darkstar, Rezzett, Banshee, Burial and HKE. These all throw up unpredictable fusions and immaculate fissions.

Track listing:

  1. Reflection
  2. Burst
  3. Fly 2 (With Banshee)
  4. E.S.P. 05. I
  5. I
  6. Glass
  7. Sweetz (With Burial)
  8. Her
  9. Quandry (With Darkstar)
  10. Freeze
  11. Yeti
  12. S.D.Y.F. (With Rezzett)
  13. Thaw