Home Front- Games Of Power

Home Front- Games Of Power

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Label: La Vida Ed Un Mus

Released 7/14/2023

“Enormous full length debut from Home Front who have managed to fix truth to the beautiful and borderline mythical threadneedle moment in which punk, new wave, pop, indie and rock and roll all descend upon a single source. We may have only dreamed that Tears for Fears might have been going to see GBH at the weekend or that Annie Lennox spent her evening sewing Crass patches to her Wrangler Blue Bell jacket, but Home Front have rang the dinner triangle for us all to feast. High moments of perfectly patina’d synth brilliance, tender new wave considerations, punk anthems that could fill the biggest stadium, and fiery hooks that could warm the coldest cynic. The Champagne, the gluebag, the boots, and the eyeliner, GAMES OF POWER clutches to it all. GAMES OF POWER lives inside a crystal clear recording by long time friend and Edmonton wizard Nik Kozub, bringing Home Front’s follow up to “Think of The Lie” to euphoric heights and gritty lows. Produced again by Jonah Falco with co production by Nik Kozub, Home Front have put their best mirror shined foot forward.“ (J.Falco)

Track listing:

  1. Faded State
  2. Real Eyes
  3. Nation Ft. Cal
  4. New Face Of Death
  5. Overtime
  6. Contact
  7. Crisis
  8. End Transmission
  9. Games Of Power
  10. Face Value
  11. Born Killer
  12. Quiet World