Amanda Palmer- I Can Spin A Rainbow

Amanda Palmer- I Can Spin A Rainbow

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Label: Cooking Vinyl

Released 2017

I Can Spin a Rainbow marks the first full-length collaboration between AMANDA PALMER and EDWARD KA-SPEL, founding member of visionary Anglo-Dutch psychedelicists The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS and one of her greatest artistic heroes. Recorded largely on KA-SPEL’s computer, I Can Spin A Rainbow is a truly collaborative effort, “a spiritual experience,” says PALMER, in which both artists' stories, song fragments, poems, and lyrics became wholly meshed with loops, melancholy piano playing, melodic beds, and strange rhythms.

Track Listing:

  1. Pulp Fiction 6:06
  2. Shahla's Missing Page 5:08
  3. The Shock Of Kontakt 7:15
  4. Beyond The Beach 2:50 
  5. The Clock At The Back Of The Cage 4:52
  6. The Changing Room 4:01
  7. The Jack Of Hands 3:53
  8. Prithee / Liquidation Day 9:39
  9. Rainbow's End 7:12
  10. Subway 8:24
  11. The Sun Still Shines 4:40