Baroness- Blue Record

Baroness- Blue Record

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Label: Relapse

Reissued 2015, originally released 2009

Blue Record announces the re-awakening of Savannah's rock giants BARONESS. The follow-up to 2007's Red Album, Blue Record is an instantly-classic album, with all the peaks and valleys, textures, and nuances that timeless records yield over repeated listens. Deep and dark; Blue Record overflows with gossamer melodies and striking, earnest riffs that have become the band s signature. Swollen and Halo, Jake Leg, War, Wisdom, and Rhyme, The Sweetest Curse, are just a few of the tracks that are both instant and unforgettable, making Blue Record the most poignant moment in the BARONESS canon to date.

Track listing:

  1. Bullhead's Psalm 
  2. The Sweetest Curse 
  3. Jake Leg 
  4. Steel That Sleeps The Eye 
  5. Swollen And Halo 
  6. Ogeechee Hymnal 
  7. A Horse Called Golgotha 
  8. O'er Hell And Hide 
  9. War, Wisdom And Rhyme
  10. Blackpowder Orchard 
  11. The Gnashing 
  12. Bullhead's Lament