Bettye Lavette- Blackbirds

Bettye Lavette- Blackbirds

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Label: Verve

Released 8/28/20

Blackbirds features songs primarily popularized by women who were the "bridge she came across on." The album finds LaVette in top form with powerful renditions of songs that touched her personally. From Dinah Washington's "Drinking Again," Nina Simone's "I Hold No Grudge" and more, they are all delivered in LaVette's rich & raspy tone. Blackbirds honors LaVette's heritage as an R&B singer and the women who came before her.

Track Listing:

  1. I Hold No Grudge
  2. One More Song
  3. Blues for the Weepers
  4. Book of Lies
  5. Romance in the Dark
  6. Drinking Again
  7. Strange Fruit
  8. Save Your Love for Me
  9. Blackbird
  10. 3:29