Black Moth Super Rainbow- Panic Blooms

Black Moth Super Rainbow- Panic Blooms

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Label: Rad Cult

Released 2018

Panic Blooms, the long overdue sixth album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, is a f***ed up and bleeding account of depression and the shadow side of human frailty, full of gorgeous warped melodies that exist as their own genre, somewhere between late 90s Warp Records, dub, and chopped and screwed codeine drip. It's not drug music, it's dragged music, oozing through the muck of the present moment, past mutating the present, demon melodies filtered through the vain search for light.

Track listing:

  1. Panic Blooms
  2. Baby’s In The Void
  3. Rip On Through 
  4. One More Ear
  5. Bad Fuckin Times
  6. New Breeze
  7. Aerosol Weather
  8. June July 28 
  9. Bottomless Face
  10. Permanent Hole
  11. To The Beat Of A Creeper
  12. We Might Come Back
  13. Harmlessly
  14. Backwash
  15. Sunset Curses
  16. Mr No One