By a Thread- By a Thread

By a Thread- By a Thread

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Label: Revelation

Originally released 2011, reissued 

By A Thread has written and recorded some of the most dynamic and influential post-hardcore/rock ever to come out of the Pacific Northwest. Drawing on their experience in the hardcore band Strain, the four members of By A Thread create multi-layered, emotional music fueled by the power and desperation of the human experience. The album's tracks are as expressive, evocative and memorable as the band's debut, but reveal a maturity in songwriting and approach that has developed in the decade since that first release. Vinyl version includes free digital download of this record.

Track Listing:
A1 Fashion
A2 Line Ups
A3 Dive In
A4 Tomorrow's Gone
A5 Reign
A6 Between The Takes
B1 Bloodshed
B2 Haro
B3 Up All Day
B4 Frame
B5 Eight Track Mind
B6 Breathless